Thursday, December 3, 2009

Making your own paper beads

Here basics on making your own paper beads! So start collecting all scrap paper all over the house and start rollin'! (paper beads that is)

Materials that you will need are the following:
  • colorful magazine or posters
  • scissors
  • pen
  • ruler
  • needle or toothpick
  • varnish
  • clear varnish
  • fishing wire/nylon wire
Cut 4 inch by 1 inch triangles out of magazines or colored paper. Choose colors that you like.
Just put a bit of glue to the pointy end of the triangle. A glue stick or a tiny bit of liquid glue will do fine.
From the wide end, you may use a bamboo stick, a toothpick or a ink tube from pens to roll the paper shaped into a triangle to a cylindrical bead shape. You can make the spiral symmetric with the middle if you try or let it tend to one side. Just make sure the narrow end sticks tight and the beads are kept rolled up. Apply more glue if necessary. Slide the bead of the stick. Brush the beads with a solution of glue and water (one part glue and two parts water). Dry the beads. You can hang then on a string to dry. Make sure they don't stick to anything while it's drying. Yay! Now you're ready to bead!

You can push your creativity as far as you can with the beads. Art Fire came up with this beautiful set of painted beads!

Chinese paper beads from Crafty Stylish!


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  3. Thank you for using the photo of the beads I made (the beads in the blue bowl). I used to teach paper bead making workshops and I took this photo of my beads to advertise the workshop.