Saturday, December 5, 2009

Community-based Paper Beading in Romblon

A group of women in Sugod, Romblon, Philippines called the Payawpao Orchids made these beautiful handcrafted paper bead things. The group is supported by The Meaningful Shop an online store that supports the crafting of women from developing countries. The store is both a non-profit-organization as well as a fair trade org. They also support a group of women in Uganda.

Here are some of the women as they work on their beads. They also have a child sponsorship program where people can help in sending the children to school.

handmade paper bead bag

All the products in the shop are completely 100% fair trade! For now, there are five ladies in the group. Soon enough, when the group is making enough for themselves, more women will be invited. The goal basically so that they will have enough livelihood to help the women send their children to school.

handmade paper bead container

handmade paper bead stacks

It's a an ingenuous way of bringing the skills and talent of the community of Sugod together while helping them provide for their family. If you wanna know about the org more, do check out their website:

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