Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Paper Jewelry Rocks!

Very nice...I love all things wrapped in wires. This will be so pretty on my ears! Paper beads wrapped in brass wire from Sockpr0n

Here are some super creative, interesting and inspiring ideas of putting those garbage to use. Elegant, and exciting paper bead jewelry all over. Above is a purse made of paper beads. I got this photo from Paper Bead Girl. I encourage you to visit their site. They have an amazing collection of creative paper bead use.

Very elegant bracelet which is a combination of brass guitar string and pages from a French History book from Craft Stylish!

This one's inspired by the story of Aesop from Paper Beads. This was made for the celebration of Earth Day. Here the beads were coated to with Diamond glaze to give it that laminated glossy look.

I found the bracelet you see ove from Chronicles. The beads are baby pictures of new borns in the family and was given as a gift to a mom-slash-granny.

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