Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Womb

I call this piece the womb. The red stones of the necklace represents the vagina, the ovaries and the clitoris. I thought of creating this piece as I was reading about women shamans where it is said that the women shaman's power in many ancient cultures draws power on birthing and her ability to conceive life.

It's made with turquoise stones and Xingjiang (pronounced as zing-jiang) jade beads and the red stones I'm still figuring out what they are. I adore all things red. It reminds of blood. I forgot to ask what they are at Wellmanson's in Quiapo where I got them from.

The name, Xingjiang literally means “New Frontier.” The stones were named in the mid 1700’s in China when it was conquered by the Qing Dynasty. The Jade of Zingjiang stands out among the varieties produced in China as having an “excellent reputation" because of its smooth texture and pure color. Jade is said to posses the power of good luck and good health. It has the ability to resist evil spirits and get rid of bad luck.

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