Sunday, December 28, 2008

Welcome to Hot Beads!

Welcome to Hot Beads!, the home of my latest creative adventure.

Thanks to my friend, Ivy, who insistently initiated me into this new addiction. My fingers just can't stop fiddling with wires and beads of all sorts - from shells, to stones, to crystals, to wood. I can't stop! I haven't done art that involved a lot of 'hand job' in a long while since I got into filmmaking. Wallah! my fingers have been hurting since the time I started (which is just five days ago). As soon as I got my first set of beads with Ivy and Chee (Ivy's friend who also initiated her into the beading cult) in Quiapo, I have spent hours and hours at home playing and amusing myself with textures and colors dancing before my eyes.

Come and see my latest adventures!


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