Monday, December 29, 2008

Peyote Beading

I didn't know that what I was doing was a peyote stitch until my friend Ivy said that she's trying to study it.

The inspiration for this bracelet is actually a set Christmas lights displayed at my neighbor's gate and another bracelet that I found in Quiapo made of tiny wood blocks. I observed how it connects one stitch to the other and just did my own experiment with it.

I have a peyote necklace given to me by a very special friend which he got from a Peyote ceremony in NY. (Yes, you heard me right. New York and it was in the Bronx.) I thought I'd do something like it but it's much more complicated.

I always see peyote jewelries with very small beads. I wanted to do something different so I took this beautiful luminescent shell beads and stitch them together. It kind of reminds of snake skin.

Now, I'm on this quest to make more complex peyote bead works which I don't find to be an easy feat by the way.

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  1. very nice joy. this beading thing is becoming a creative explosion! keep goinnnnn =)