Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sacred Amulet

This bracelet is made of sweet smelling sandalwood beads. A very special bracelet given to me by beautiful friend Nilu. She sent this to me from Colombo, Sri Lanka, where she is from. and I have worn the bracelet since I got it. Besides, it's the first ever package that I got from Sri Lanka (that alone makes it that special.)

The beads posses a powerful protective, anti-septic force but what makes it extremely special is that the beads are the same as those used in the prayer chains of Rishis, yogis and Buddhist monks. One can easily sense its energy when touched.

When I was kid I thought, I wanted to be a nun (being born from a Catholic family.) When I got older, I thought I wanted to become a monk at least the spiritual life that monks live. I guess these beads reminds me everyday of this.

I love you Nilu! Thank you so much!

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